Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Would You Like Fries With That?

Yesterday I tackled every possible mass disaster we had around here that involved me except two. Every. Single. One. For two reasons:

1) I needed the space both real and virtual.

2) I wanted to fiddle around today. I'm running about the virtual climes about to have a skirmish, y'all and I need to be ready!!

The remaining two have the distinct air of needing a greater laying on of hands than I can provide. Plus the towering amount of success I had yesterday requires a certain amount of squelching ruin. I'd just as soon let that be balanced out in someone else's office. I was thinking that giving the success/disaster continuum some time to balance was well in order. Given that the remaining two items on the list involve my work station and server, I'm doubly cautious. And then...

Enter The Physicist:

TP: "So. Is Thor fixed?"

Moi: "Not at this moment, no." (After all, it is laying disassembled on the conference table.)

TP: "Oh. Ok, I thought you got all these things done."

Moi: "All the things I get paid to do, yes. Thor is next on the list." (He's nodding. Next means five minutes ago and he probably mistakes the fact that I'm huddling under an electric blanket for something it's not. Laziness versus SURVIVAL! It's damn cold.)

TP: "Anyway. After you get Thor and Scat up to speed, I need a webserver. I want to run it against php and, if possible, perl.

Scat pauses to do a quick inventory of The Scat Family Trio's hardware and software and all the applications we must and we'd "LIKE" to keep running. Not to mention the fact that we have so much data clogging the works that not one of these machines can even spot a turnip on a good day. She blinks....blink...blink blink.....blink.

Moi: "Would you like fries with that?" --(That's actually what I was thinking. Instead, I just gave a round-eyed....O..K.)

Maybe I should asked to be supersized.

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