Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Musical Angst of the Young

I was working around the Hobbit Hole this weekend and, as is usually the case, I had music playing. When Squib hears music he likes, he always comes skidding into the room and tells me to "put that on (his) playlist." Beanstalk is also a music hound, but there is no accounting for his tastes, to tell you the truth. If I listened to Andrea Bocceli, Sarah Brightman, and other classical/operatic music, then Beanstalk would be sitting two inches in front of the speakers.

So, I'm scrubbing the tub when I hear Squib pattering into the bedroom.

Sq: Mom! (Yes, he still yells it. I'm getting better at not leaping out of my skin.)

Moi: What?

Sq: That's the song from Iron Man! (I put my forehead on the rim of the tub and shake it.)

Moi: No, actually, it's not.

Sq: You're right. (He pauses to think.) It's from Megamind! Member?

He's not exactly wrong. Exactly.

Moi: The song is 'Back in Black' and it's 'from' ACDC. (I love looking at him when I tell him that the cool music he loves so much was actually cool music that his mother listened to way back when. The kid has great taste.)

Sq: No.

Moi: Yes.

Sq: Does anyone even write music anymore?

Moi: Of course they do.

Sq: But it all stinks!

I'm really starting to like this kid.

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