Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank You, Bosnia...Herzegovina...or...whatever...

 Several times now, I've gotten these ominous warnings from the folks at Gmail that someone in Bosnia has been attempting to access my Gmail account. The first time, I thought, "Whatever..." What on earth could possibly be so darn interesting about me and my contacts? Then I thought about attrition and the burning wrath from on high that is my brother when any suspect piece of Internet tripe makes its way into his inbox and changed my mind. So, now I have to sign in using the two-step verification. It's very appropriately name, IMO. Password, phone verification. So far, this is really only impacting me.

  Well, and the poor, poor Bosnian that apparently need my address so badly that the nine gazillion times I've tried to go back to one step verification I've gotten a nasty little note again and finally quit trying. Now, Gmail could be making this up. Possible. Especially if they have offices in Bosnia. Then, this cockamamie thing would be true. Or not. Then there is someone(s) in Bosnia with a rather weird hacking hobby. So I started to look around the map at Bosnia.

  Only not a "real" map. Of course, being a gamer PERSON (not a geek) I used my trusty Turf Wars map. Lately it's been more accurate than many others. And I was rather surprised to see the drastic changes in naming in portions of Asia and Europe. Everything is ____ saxony. Upper saxony. Lower saxony. Right saxony. Left saxony. It was pretty doggone hard to find my way around because all I really wanted to find was a country that used to be there and believe me, they have gone back to some names that I thought died with feudalism. Or not. I wasn't there. And for history I had a boyfriend with great notes and photographic memory. I was memorizing other stuff, ok? Like the six texts I had in my Biophysics I class. You know, that class where collaborating, open books, open friends, no time limit, food, etc. were all allowed on the tests. Oy vey. Thank God I memorized every obscure unit conversion known to man and several known only to Dr. Gray.

  The poor Bosnian struggling for my address is just probably trying to find his way out of a country and can't read his map to save his life. Literally.

  In other news and definitely on the miraculous side of things, I actually made two dinosaur hoodies!!! I'm awaiting a visit from the Pope's emissaries any time now. This is definitely something they are going to want to investigate because it's nothing short of a statue of Mary weeping in the town square. I promise to show you, but it merits it's own entry and I'd like some other folks to see it, too. And I need pictures of Squib and Beanstalk crushing the earth with their dinopaws.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

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