Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It is quite possible I've reached the end of my proverbial rope. Psychologically speaking. I was just looking through this huge stack of DVD-R/RW's that we have in a drawer I'd rather forget about and just on the hunch that this isn't the most troublesome day I've ever had, I checked the disk on the bottom of the spindle. And it was a CD-R!!

I know, right? Who needs those? Well, actually, I do. And it's irritating to keep running out of them. So I looked through the whole stack and there were fifty or so and now I am actually feeling happy about it. Changed my entire outlook on the day. Sort of.

On the flip side of reality, I was wasting time on Facebook earlier and I began to notice the adds. And the same two kept popping up. It was really quite ridiculous on the part of someone's PR department:

(And I would show it to you NOW if blogspot would so indulge me. Frack. This is the day I have had. I don't need 24 new effects or to friend all my friends again so we can say what we've already said ninety more times in a slightly different but same sort of way. I want a picture to show up in my blog. Just. Like. Always. HERMPH. Who's computer is this anyway? Not just mine apparently. Just like the bank...who's money is it really?'s not under MY mattress, is it? I'm going to barricade myself inside my little hut and never come out. When I get hungry I'll eat what's left in here and then the first one to drop becomes lunch. Maybe. And now I've downloaded something I didn't need. Disabled everything it tried to enable and finally got what I want. Pish!)

As I was saying, Facebook offered me two choices and I thought them rather...oddly paired:
A (potential) man or (definite) diamonds?
I just really don't think we even need to take a vote on this one. No offense to any male readers, but a helpful hint for you: Never take your pic next to a set of diamond (or other questionable sparkly stuff) studs because every woman on this earth will look right at the sparkly crap and say, "I have to have THAT." Your only hope is if you take the pic with the sparklies in your hand for said woman. Srsly.

That is your only hope. Especially if you're anywhere over 35. It's not an age thing on your part. We like you. We just know a lot more about what we want. And the diamond studs are a whole lot easier to handle.


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