Friday, July 16, 2010

What A Week!

In short, it was a blast. I taught the 5th and 6th grade class at our church's Bible day camp and we had a great time. Sometimes it was like corralling eleven Energizer bunnies. Or nailing Jell-O to a tree. Other times, we were having top notch theological discussions that would make some adults twitch. OK, most adults. Fabulous kids. Great thinkers. And very serious about water fights. I was nearly drowned. All in good fun--and I quite deserved it after hunting one student down and pouring a bucket of water over his head (which was the point of the exercise). It was repayed to me in kind tenfold (at least).

Squib was also there the last two days. Had I known he'd enjoy it so much, I'd have taken him the whole week. When his class got up to do their little song for the parents, he immediately went AWOL behind the stage decorations. He returned with a fistful of hay and proceeded to hop around (not swishing his tail like a horse as the song suggested). This is a new phase in Squib behavior. Not malicious intent or anything, but he definitely has his own agenda. He keeps it private and borrows heavily from the George W. Bush "shock and awe" school of demonstration. Lovely. What a proud Mommy I am. I sooooooo deserve him.

And finally! You will have no idea what I'm talking about, but the Exectutive Summary has been written. Buddy finished it today while Squib and I were in our post-bible camp coma. Yay! I am terrified to edit the darn thing because it's been such a long and hard time coming. But edit I shall. With great mercy and probably more latitude than usual. I am growing soft. But out the hyphens shall go! Be warned!

Then, coming up Sunday, Watershed Week! The boys turn five and eight! Where does the time go? Squib starts school in the fall. I am sooo weepy about that. My baby! It is so true, though, he will always be my baby!

Lotsa cake to make tomorrow! Red Earth Cake (it's a food group) in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine--not so sure how I'm gonna pull that off.

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