Monday, July 12, 2010

A Return to Old Things

From the time I exited the womb, there was a pattern to life. There was a way we (and by we I mean my family) approached academic pursuits. There was a way we approached relationships. There was a way we approached play. There was a way we approached spiritual things, finances, etc. There was a way for all things...

It was not a rut by any stretch of the imagination. It was more like a general philosophy of life. First, everything was prioritized. That didn't necessarily mean that #9 on the list automatically always came after #2. It meant that we thought long and hard about what was really important overall and at the moment. We considered our options and made choices based on what was important to us and where we were versus where we wanted to be. Second, it was generally assumed that anything worth doing was worth doing well. I know I later learned to take this too far and eventually was able to suck the fun out of just about anything. Now, though, I understand balance better (not best) and I can see that some things are a work-in-progress while other things should be done well because it is well within my ability to do so. Third, once a committment was made it was kept. Period. Fourth, we were careful what we exposed ourselves to--this is the one I've been thinking about most lately.

Prioritizing isn't difficult for me. In fact, I can be rather cold and calculating about that one and often have to let go of it a little bit. Doing the things I committ to doing well is something I've come back around to lately. I wasn't running about willy-nilly doing things half-assed. Just over-committing and giving things just enough attention to be well done, but not well-remembered (by me). As for what I expose myself to...well I watch, lisen to, and read anything and everything. And perhaps I should. But perhaps I shouldn't.

I went to a book study last night that reminded me that I had gotten away from studying things because I WANTED TO. Yes, I am in school. That is because I want to. But, it is also because I HAVE TO.  This was different. It was thought-provoking, moving, challenging, altering, and real. Questions were asked that I didn't have good answers to. I should have. We were asked to discuss things that are pretty relevant to daily life and I found that on some issues I knew next to nothing. Hmmmm...


So, a return to old things. First, I'm simplifying. I'm removing from my life some superfluous things that are of no consequence in the grand scheme of things. Second, in their place I am adding back things that I once used to do as a matter of fact that ARE of consequence in the grand scheme of things.

Let's see where it leads...

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