Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tales of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

I just fell into a bit of a writing funk. And I was always on my iPhone and to be quite honest there isn't a way to backtrack and edit your posts after they've reached a certain length when you're using Blogger in Safari on an iPhone--that I know of. So please pipe up and correct me if I'm wrong. I'd love to be wrong. The perfectionist in me likes to edit. Combine that with the fact that I haven't really hit the rack before midnight in several weeks and you probably get the picture.

What have I been doing exactly? Everything and nothing. Work, study, play. In equal measure I guess, but in general LIVING. And it feels really, really good. I've seen a couple movies. I went to see my friend and his jazz band play at a wine bar in town and enjoyed that immensely. I took Squib to the zoo. I survived the onslaught of July birthday week and the accompanying eBay fest. I made the first of two turf-planting expeditions and will make the second one today. I got the network converted to Windows 7 and all the machines are now in agreement and the bugs have been worked out. A little more tweaking of the firewall and I'll have 100% remote access to all our machines/workstations/servers. This will give me a certain amount of freedom and the rest of the company a greater degree of security and service. I took Squib in for some testing prior to his first year of school (that boy is STILL growing--amazing). He was "precious." And he knew it. Every time someone calls him "precious" a brain cell dies. I swear it. I've been working on some music to do with Bob L. It should be fun. He picked something really challenging. Yay! There was a week of VBS in there somewhere, a lot of subbing on Sundays for other people. Texting back and forth with Jess because it really is just the pits that my BFF is in New York. Hanging out with Attrition and watching movies, seasons of TV that I miss b/c we have no cable, etc. Code punching, laundry washing, google earthing, GRE studying, presentation editing...and editing...and editing...and editing, reading stuff, "working" things when they're "broke," hauling furniture, feeding Beanstalk's Andre Rieu appetite (truly), bearing the brunt of some things, ducking the flak from others, laughing myself silly at most things, and in general enjoying all the people-watching.

So you see...LIFE! It can be exhausting, but always worth it. I really don't have it in me to stand on the sidelines. I'll tell you my favorite part of this last week...well, one of my favorite parts...was sitting with friends listening to great music and having great conversation (though I'd rather listen mostly) and soaking up the ambiance. It was like a little taste of travelling again. Something I've not done in so long. Going to a new place. Seeing new things. Meeting new people. Starting new conversations. Making new discoveries. It's like a door into another world. It's a risk, but one worth taking I think. I am not content to settle into a habitual life where each day is like the next with nothing ventured. It would be like marking time until I died. Burying my talents for fear that someone might steal them. I would only ever have what I started out with--maybe not even that. Instead I take them and invest them, risk them, put them out there in hopes that they are returned tenfold.

I gotta run. Literally.

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