Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peaceful, Easy Feelin


All is not perfect. Things are still ragged at the seams. But a full day was met head-on with success. Everything that could get done was done. One more ugly circumstance reared it's head, but an even bigger one has gone by the wayside. So, all in all, you'd have to call it a win for the day.

Heck, UPS made a delivery and I didn't have to do the 100 yard dash to catch the truck! I loaded new operating systems on new hard drives in two computers without event. It was downright spooky. I'll take it!

My best friend had a really rotten day and I would fly to New York and change that right this second if I could. I really would, J. If you're reading this, know I am thinking about you and love you and really wish I could undo the events of today. But I can't. Grrrr.

Still, life does go on. We learn things and sometimes the days that mean the most aren't the big watershed moments in our lives, but the well-lived days in between that can only be taken one at a time.


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