Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Totally Missed It!

The first anniversary of my blog passed and I barely noticed! I had planned on continuing my NaBloPoMo goal of posting each day during July, but then I lost **another** hard drive on Saturday (as you may have read) and Squib had a firework-induced meltdown on Sunday. He was terrified. And by the time his dad came to rescue him from what was, admittedly, the most explosive 4th of my thirty-five year history here, I was exhausted and when I made it to the computer it was after midnight and already July 5. Humph.

Since then, I have been reading my entries and considering where to take all this. I am still considering. What's interesting is that I have actually been enjoying what I wrote. I like me. I find me interesting. I would read me. And that's a good thing. A great thing. Almost a shocking thing. Something worth reading. What a surprise.

And tonight I'm gonna leave it at that.

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