Friday, June 11, 2010

Now what's he up to??!? Ah, BOYS!!

Sometimes you just never know what he's up to.
Come to find out...neither does he. Fortunately, Pampers thought of him when making the grippers for those diapies. I grabbed the diaper as he started to go over...lo and behold they held...thank you, Pampers!
Yes, that's a perfectly thrown spiral (I taught him that)...directed right at Baba's car (I didn't teach him that).
What was he thinking? I don't know.
What was I thinking? Well, believe it or not, the throw started out with him facing me...then there was this split-second ballet turn thing. Yeah...

And that one, there. Through the geraniums in our potting area...yeah...well, we need to work on that.
That I managed to teach him to throw was a miracle.
Direction seems to me a lot much to ask right now.

And these...these are amazing...(they really boys at their best and most beautiful, but oh how the mighty can fall...)

The innocence. Those limpid blue pools you could just dive into. Such sweetness and light. How do they DO that??! It is more natural from Beanstalk. He really does exude happiness and light most of the time. Well, OK, he has his moments (the exclamations in Klingon with the protrusion of the bottom lip). But that second one...boy is he full of it. What you can't get a picture of are his LUNGS!!!!! And do you get a picture of persistence.....maybe this:

Repeat fifty times every day times God-only-knows how many 20-lb bags of sand and you'll only begin to grasp a scintilla of the problem we are having with the sandbar in the side yard. As they say in Meet Joe Black, "Multiply that by infinity and take it to the depths of forever" and you will just begin to grasp my problem.

Boys can be a challenge. They take words like shriek, shred, disintegrate, and pulverize to heart. They like to run around in various states of undress (which I think is cute). And, NO he is not toilet trained yet--another story for another time. Gentility is not their strong suit but they really do try to be careful in their way. And, at the end of the day, when they curl up in your bed and put their sweaty foreheads in your lap and their slobbery mouths on your neck and whisper things like "did you lock the doors so the dogs can't push them open and get me in my sleep?" and they look at you with those big, drowning, blue eyes and they trust you completely to save them from a dog the size of a green pea, well, then somehow it's all worth it.

Except maybe that football dent in Baba's car. I'm gonna hear about that every day.

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