Thursday, April 29, 2010


  Sometimes you need to write in pink or green or purple. I prefer pink. And you just gotta go with the flow of what's going on around you. Me? I need to be reviewing my html (yes, I know, easy but still not my native language), but my brain is shot. I just put the last critter to bed. Baba and Clanpaw are watching their movie at volume level 100 which, on a set of Bose speakers will launch you from the sofa if you're not tethered down. It also obliterates all thought--especially the Zydeco movie score. Passion Fish is the movie, I think.

  I considered getting all freaked out about finals, my web page term project, my papers, and my upcoming clinicals, and moving everything out to the office for the night. But, I'd just have to move it back in come morning. So, "heck with" as Lillian would say. I'm watching the deafening movie. Dang is it loud. It is actually a good movie, but not one I'd watch all over again.

  This week zoomed by. I can't really account for it other than to say I've done a lot of presentations of papers/research. I listened to a lot of presentations/research. Next week will be more of same. By next week, this web page will be a blip on the radar and we'll be full into finals week--thank goodness! I'm ready to end this semester and get on to a new one. After all, I do have a plan. Yes, I do...

  And we have more seedlings to go in the ground tomorrow. There will be muddy boys to bathe and hungry mouths around every corner. As for cars, it looks like we are at a pause in the action with regard to breakage. The alternator on the van has been replaced and all is well once again. Thank goodness my old truck is running! Go, Whitey! Nine gazillion other errands have to be run as well. Better add those to the list...

Typical day around here...

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