Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Great Weekend Hipstamatic Style

Also titled as "Random, Random, Random..." or "Yes, I'm iPhone's (red hula-dancing emojicon here)...still...and ASUS, too."

  I lingered in Green Acres today in hopes that the UPS ground deliveryman would bring my new lappie directly to my front door. Alas, it was not to be so. I was out-of doors waggling about using my new Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. You really must get it if you have any inkling of what it was like to use actual film in a camera and different flashes, etc. It is a satisfying thing for me because I still remember learning to use my mother's Brownie. This app is fabulous and very inexpensive for the results. I shall be using my Hipstamatic for weeks if not years. You will have to jump up and down to get a regular, plain-old digital photo. I mean, really, look at these!!

The effects! The water! Ah! Love! Happy Plants!
The cuteness...well, he came with that, but WOW!

  So, good day for photography and I have yet to solve the mystery of Salvia. Buddy Scat asks me if they are the same species of Salvia that are hallucinogenic. Salvia d---something which I have forgotten but shall look up again. I said "surely not," but then who knows...where was I? Ah, yes, I digress. Waiting for the lappie and hoping for the usual driver.
  It has been so long since I've seen our usually UPS driver that I don't think she exists. The days of actually not worrying about it have been way long gone...WAY LONG GONE. Boo UPS boo. So, I spent the day out-of-doors. No crime there. I made one turn through town looking for brown, but alas they were not there. Tick tock tick tock. Putter putter putter. Packing the car. Muttering to self and discussing the philosophy of Facebook with Buddy Scat when I hear a truck rumbling thusly forward. Yay!
  UPS truck approaches driveway (too fast) and Buddy begins waving arms. In a split second, I see two days of driving back and forth in an attempt to get the mis-delivered lappie while limping along without it and, not to be outdone my hindbrain decides I can catch me this truck. I beat feet. On asphalt and through grass while waving. In a dress. I got to the street and lost the truck. I look down the hill to see which way Buddy is pointing and tear off. UPS must have turned around in a drive way, 'cause he ends up coming straight at me. I stop in the middle of the road. No UPS truck is driving me over today. I want my darned machine. NOW.
  Very young, slightly amused driver hands over my box. He looks at me like I'm unstable, but darn it I'm tired of waiting the extra two days for the "substitute driver" to not see my well marked address, attempt a 2nd failed delivery, and leave it at drop-ship for pick-up in Nameless Town. I NEED TO WORK. And blog. We made a sign at the road just for UPS!!! How can they NOT see it? When we know somethings coming, we have to put our ears to the ground and wait. THEN chase down the truck like a rabid pit bull. Unnecessary. And dangerous to boot. I burnt the whey out of my feet. I had forgotten how hot asphalt gets.

  This semester is drawing to a close. I've formed a close bond with Kevin and Mary and the other Mary. Sounds Biblical, I know, but they're two Marys and one is Mary Corder and the other is the other Mary because I keep misplacing her last name. Tonight's public health topic was death and dying. We discussed our current society's taboos on dying and death and how we do not as a society accept death and a natural end or continuation of life.
   You who have been reading me know that we have been dealing with cancer at my house and so, yes, death has come up. It was interesting to see how, within my intimate family, there was the avoidance of the topic of death. There is so much we could discuss that would make the actual process of dying and eventual death easier for the dying person and their family (that would be me).
  It made me glad that I started this pitifully unpopular blog one year ago (or so, I think) because it will leave behind my thoughts and a little taste of who I am for the people who love me the most and for my kids who, as kids, will have such a hard time get to know me their parent as a human being with thoughts, ideas, crazy moments, dreams, and loves. And I love nothing more than those two.
  Mary and the other Mary and I must make plans to get together. Mary is going on to nursing school. I will need her and her counseling skills (she is also a licensed counselor) at my free clinic. The other Mary is the free cause, fundraiser sort--which I can, but quite frankly abhor--I'll definitely need her help as well. Kevin is going to finish his masters in public health...will need him too. NO, I haven't told them or anyone other than you about my crazy idea, but I shall...soon.

  Did I mention the new lappie...SMOKIN'!!!! Asus Core i5 Intel chip, DDR3 memory (4G now, but soon 8), 64 bit, Windows 7, 17.3" screen, 3-1 card reader, HDR port, webcam, 4 USB slots, nice easy-to-find-size DC male wall charger, HD 1G graphics card, super-multi (dual-sided DVD-R+lightscribe) drive, Altec Lansing speakers, 1 year accidental (drop, spill, fire) warranty, 2 year parts/labor....$945. From  Not a better deal out there. For fun, we have been trying to "tax" it, but so far it outpaces my workstation...uh!

  Thus beginneth the week I am required to create a website. It's a term project (due the 2nd of May) for the computer class that I have to take as a Texas schools requirement. I was a geek and tested out of everything first time around, but now everybody wants at least three hours of computer, so I took Intro to Computers thinking it would be that easy. And it was a cakewalk. Until now. Can I tell you how very much I do NOT want to create a website? Okay, I shall. I'd rather sit in public health lectures naked for a month and go without Dr. Pepper forever than do this assignment. "ACK!" you shriek in horror. "Yes, I know!" This is serious. What makes it that much more irritating is that it is on a topic of our choosing. I know, sounds good, but wait...there must be research...x number of tables, 2 interviews, a chart, and excel spreadsheet, and a PowerPoint presentation...and they must all be related.
  Not a big deal you say. No. But I wrote four papers this weekend alone and have at least two others due next week as well. Add one last Gross practical and an A&P exam and FINALS. This is all going to happen in two weeks from today. You'd think she'd give us the info and let us do the creating because that is, after all, what the class is about. No.
  I whineth. 

Now to crack open (and I mean crack) the old lappie and see can the darn thing be welded...
Then to some lucky person go the spoils...
Probably to Attrition (the hoarder of all things computerifically hoardable)

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