Sunday, May 2, 2010

Annual Leper Fest

No, actually, it isn't, but it sounds freaky, right? Actually, I am in the midst of writing a paper on leprosy (a new version--M.lepromatosis was discovered as recently as 2009 and is the primary culprit behind the form of leprosy that affects those in Mexico and the Carribeans...not so far away) and so the day has been full of it.

Tomorrow I shall craft a website on Telemedicine and thereafter curing cancer should be a relatively minor thing. Writing the webpage would be relatively minor if I were allowed to use my "native" languages, but, alas, I am not. Grr. So in addition to writing a paper on Telemedicine, this will be like writing it in English and then translating it (poorly I might add) into, say, Farsi...I shall pass and that will have to do because I have spent the weekend with a particular 4yo who is going through another clingy phase. When he gives me the doe-eyed Bambi look and says "I lub you, Mawma," I am at a loss for any reason to spend my time with him doing MORE work. I do study a lot more than I'd rather...but this is for him as well, yes?

That being said...a few random thoughts a words to live by...not all mine. Some of the authors will be obvious, but nonetheless authoritative.

1. Don't throw your car in the ocean, because you'll never get it back.

2. No matter what you do, eventually most pairs of socks get separated. I have it on good authority that the odd ones end up at SplashTown. Trust me.

3. If we were really honest about it, all my undergrad (and most graduate) research papers are/were for the most part plagiaristic if I was limited to the number of sources I could cite in my paper (yes, I am actually limited to two citations today in a ten page paper--but plagiarism is strictly verboten--as a rule). Only so much summarization can be done without repetition of someone else's words and, unless you are doing original research (physical or theoretical), your words come from someone else's whether you are taught them orally or read them. Then there's this nasty eidetic memory thing that I have. Honestly, how many original thoughts do YOU have about leprosy? Really! Unscientific science burns my hide.

4. Sometimes you need a bigger cup.

5. Life would be better if peanut M&Ms and iced animal crackers were actually good for you.

6. Bras are stupid. (I swear this did not come from me, but from my four-year-old who has been viewing the contraptions from afar...and anear given his age. We no longer shower together given his interest in "things", but he is still fascinated by bras and exclaimed yesterday that "Those are just STUPID!" to which I replied "YOU are a GENIUS!"

7. Life in the country really is just that much better sometimes and well worth the drive.

8. Bumpers are called bumpers because they bump things.

9. Fire ants are a universal constant like the speed of light or the relative acceleration due to gravity.

10. If you spray water at the bathroom ceiling, it will fall on your head like rain. (And who gave him the water??!!)


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