Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Decisions

Well, there's nothing like a good round of cathartic decision-making to scare the bejeezus out of you. I am constantly reevaluating my current educational path and decided to give it another hard think. I realized that my current path was challenging only from a time-constraint perspective and had the major fault of potentially being less effective than I knew I could be if I chose my next path which I can only refer to as the "I told you so" path.

You see, plan A was to end up with my Nurse Practitioner's license and Paramedics license and retreat to my small town (and a couple other interests) that need my help and expertise. I realized, though that the NP track was going to take me longer and have fewer opportunities for financial aid and less independence than, say, PA school. Never mind that my primary spiritual advisor told me to go to PA school three years ago. I mean, really, what does he know?! Uncannily, he really does seem to hear quite a lot and had I listened to him I'd be done with it all now and have my clinic open and growing.

So, here I am three years late and it's the faster, cheaper option. So here I go. I have to take the MCAT again (mine's got to be too old)and see what else I lack course-wise and where I have options to go. It's not that drastic of a change, but will implement med-school-like conditions around my house for about two or so years and one holy-hell-of-a-commute. Yuck. Thank goodness for family. I hope my kids forgive me for the absence, but as a parent in need of options for paying for things long-term, I gotta get some things going here. Perhaps when they're eight and eleven they'll forgive me for having my head crammed in a book for most of their early childhood years. Love those kids. Or I would just get a job at the grocery store. Ok, no, too boring, but you get my drift. Gosh I hope my mind continues to work...

Waitin' for things to gel...


  1. Uh, what is a "PA"?
    More importantly, is there any need for a chemist, a homemaker, and two really cute children in your small town? Yes, I ready survivalblog every day, too...

  2. A PA is a physician's assistant...for which there is a great need around here. It was always my plan to go to med school or PA school, but, :). The last local clinic in our county just closed and there is interest in funding my "effort" and work for me entails no science whatsoever for the next 18 months at best (I do not consider selling prospects "science" per se). So...I'm revisiting a childhood dream, taking advantage of a HUGE community need and getting back to something that is more along the lines of my own personal interests and gives me a lot more autonomy with regard to employment.

    As for the need for chemists, homemakers and two really cute little girls...well, there's always room for more! This area is busting at the seams.

    And it just so happens I have two really cute little boys...hmmmm...that's just good math!