Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like Running

Not running away or anything like that...

I just get cagey. Cooped up. Too long indoors. Too much time in a classroom...and really too much time in a lab. Where the windows don't open and the doors always lock behind you and in front of you--for safety reasons. They don't even really try to introduce plants or, say, sunshine so I'm looking, well, albinic (if that's a word).

And I have misplaced my running shoes...or, somebody has...hmm...driving with the windows open is only going to work so long. I wonder how many hours of swinging replace other physical activity?

Squib has a new swingset...so, new plan. Swing, cram for anatomy practical, and soak up sunlight tomorrow.

Maybe a nap...but not for me...

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