Sunday, April 11, 2010


     Woke up stupid today.

     Stupider than is average for me. Forgot what biotin was. Not exactly...I knew it was one of the B-complex vitamins, but got in to the U to make up a test today and had to answer an essay question regarding the co-enzyme activity of biotin and completely clammed up. Just completely had no access to not only years of education, but research and brain. MY BRAIN!!!!

     This is my brain on kids!!! And a few other things... forgetting how to put on socks or getting your underwear on backwards.

     So I did what every sane person does when they have 24 hours to make up three days of exams. I called my friend Dana and went out. I haven't "been out" in, well, hmm...a very, very long time. Over a year. And now, after a split of champagne, a caramel machiato, some very good Italian food and one waiter's phone number (which he gave to Dana, too, because he is either very hopeful or just a statistician) I can answer that biotin question in my sleep. Which is what I'm gonna do next...sleep.

     ...and his name was Andrew. Andrew the waiter with a weird fantasy life...I guess.


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