Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is Really February 23rd

Really, it is. I swear. At least for a bit.

I've been committed to posting something, anything, everyday and yesterday I was too swamped and too sick to even motivate myself to turn the lights on when I arrived home. Tuesday was marathon day at school 9a-9p and two exams during that time period. Also, I woke up with a sore throat/headache the likes of which I have not had since childhood. You remember those sore throats you used to get that made you refuse to swallow ANYTHING for days! Even spit. One of those. EEK.

I did finally get the headache marginally under control, but the throat is still killing me and swallowing is something I have to psyche my self up for. It totally ruined my daily Dr. Pepper intake 'cause the fizz burnt like the dickens and my jeans-shopping escapade was downgraded from a pleasant, leisurely shopping trip that included some other interests to a mad dash for the jeans rack and the cashier and back out into my car and home. Bare necessities. I really couldn't stand another day of hiking my pants up or wearing my yoga pants that the wind cuts straight through.

In short, the day stank. I had a great idea for a blog entry, but alas you'll have to read it today, which, OK, is really February 24th.


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