Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cat Planet

Isn't there a show called that? I think there is, though I would never waste time watching it. I admit to watching Meerkat Manor, but that was during a very, very isolated circumstance involving jail time (just, please don't ask...try to take it with a grain of salt) that I am REALLY not comfortable sharing yet. The jail time mention may just bring my many lurkers (you know who you are) out of hiding and into the "following" realm...or at least into the full commenting realm.

Here at Attrition's house, the Bunker, where I spend Mondays through Thursdays, it's Cat Planet. There are a mere eight cats here. Tux (the mother of the kittens), Sebastian, Monster (the father of the kittens), Little Girl (who is sometimes called Baby), Shashka, Ari, Mandy, and Juno (my personal fave). Thank goodness all the boys have now been fixed!

Neutering male animals is "supposed" to slow them down. But, no. It's like a jungle in here 24-7. Never have I lived with more cats. OK, so, never have I lived with any cat. But this is ridiculous. They are everywhere! If you lay down on the sofa and they can see you, you are liable to get stampeded when the pack of male kittens begins romping through the house.

It's night time that gets really eerie, though. It's like the first night scene on I Am Legend when Will Smith's character curls up in the bath tub with his dog after shutting the solid steel window barriers. You hear all this feral growling, banging and stampeding. Nights are like that here. Hissing, running, spitting, growling, crashing, clanging, banging on my door, yowling, and on occasion a paw jabbing under the door into the room.

Makes for the weirdest dreams!!!!
Bramble Scat

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