Friday, February 26, 2010

A Great Way To Start The Day

I know, it's a cruel thing to photograph your son when he's bowing to the porcelain goddess, but I just couldn't help myself. He spent most of the morning in there after he barfed his way from the living room, through the hall, into the entryway, and finally into the bathroom.

He's so d*** cute even when puking his guts out. I could never manage that.

I did manage to comment that this can happen to you when you're not sick, but have had too much to drink. He replied, "I am never drinking anything EVER!" Good object lesson.

Now, he's watching Elmo with his legs wrapped around a little plastic trashcan. Just a tiny bit paranoid? Who knows. Elmo is enough to induce nausea in me anytime.

This could be a long day.


  1. Given the choice, I would rather end my day that way...hey hey!!

  2. Poor thing has now had the puking awfuls for two weeks...and I am needed a strong drink on a daily basis.