Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Too Many Trips to Tokyo...

The required texts for my courses this Spring fill a cardboard box about 16"x 28" chock full. No, I can't lift it, which means it weighs in excess of about eighty pounds. I only know I can lift that much because the kids weigh a little more than that much put together. Sooo...unless I intend to graduate as a cripple I figured I had better use one of those rolling contraptions for all my junk while on campus.

So, out from the closet comes the briefcase. If this briefcase could talk, it would beg you to leave it alone to die. It's traveled with me and my dad all over the United States and parts of Asia and India often enough to know how to make the trip by itself. It never crossed my mind (because this is one of those lifetime warrantied contraptions) that it might actually crap out mid-trip.

Day one of school was awesome! Between campus WiFi and third party sites associated with texts and instructors I was amazed at all the tools available to students these days!!! I feel like I went to college in the dark ages the first time around!! Holy cow! eTexts, study guides, practice tests, online lab practicals, outlines, instructor's notes, additional microscope slide views, virtual cadaver labs, flashcards, and more....it's ridiculous, really.

And somewhere in the middle of all this biological reverie, the briefcase crapped out. The handle split in half, to be exact. It has substantial weight of it's own...and I haven't been weight training so much lately. Grr.... Then the grips on the carrying handles, well, the rubber started to break down. It got sticky black gunk all over my hands and everything I touched.

Crap like this ALWAYS happens to me at school. Ever since preschool. And, YES, I can remember that far back.

The alternate title to this post was not as presentable as the current title, but here I am back at the college and all I have to say is "DARNIT they lock the doors around here like they're squirreling away nuts!" This would be all fine and good if they would put electrical outlets on the OUTSIDE of the lecture halls. That way those of us stranded here for a couple hours between classes wouldn't have to pummel each other to death for the three outlets they hide in the library. And, YES, I actually checked the bathroom. There are people draped all over the place and even the snazziest little computer dies if you've been here for nine hours like I have so far (today is a twelve hour class day with a big two hour break during which it is quite silly to go anywhere except to re-park my car). I guess I will actually break down and spend the dough for an extra battery which I have been meaning to do anyway, but haven't because, well, you really don't need to do that anymore "these days."

Back to parking...NO, they haven't fixed THAT since I went to school last. It was a very good thing I was driving a truck--more parking spots magically appear :)

My next class is going to last three hours. The very sad thing about it is that I sort of have a degree in the entire class subject. The course is Nutrition. I have a degree in biochemistry and biophysics and a minor in Chemistry. I have chosen my battles with the UC staff over which of my courses to accept, etc. and no, I haven't taken a course actually titled "Nutrition." Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, genes, biochemistry, biophysics, and metabolism, etc. YES I have taken those classes, but apparently they have nothing to do with nutrition. So...here I am. Now I am getting snarky, yes.

I never doubt my ability to learn something new and reinforce at least a million of the things lying dormant from my previous education so I really should NOT whine. But I seriously doubt my ability to stay awake after such a long day. I'm hoping for an inspiring prof. with lots of interesting asides...but not exactly holding my breath.


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