Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Campus Bookstore Has Lollipops!!!

I think I have virtually guaranteed that Squib will go to college some day. I took him with me to the bookstore out-of-the-way textbook vendor in town that I know of and go to even when I'm NOT in school. WELL...they've been holding out on me. Come to find out if you're four years old and cute as a button you get a free lollipop!

Squib said, "Mommy can we go back to the bookstore tomorrow?" He's very direct and makes plans well in advance.

He's not suffering for suckers, though. He brings out the lollipop in people. He gets one at the bank. He gets one at the pharmacy. He gets one at the pediatrician (of all people). Ugh. As much as I hate stickers, I wish people would pass THOSE out MORE. And I really hate stickers.

He asks me every day how I like "high school." I've stopped correcting him. Besides, who told him about high school???!!!!

I miss him so much during the day and the thought of him going to school in the fall is about to crush me like a grape for more reasons than one. I've been very fortunate to have him freely running about my office for the last two years trying my patience, coloring on my maps, poking my keyboards randomly, finding hot keys I never knew existed, making me pray feverishly for nap time, causing all sorts of ridiculous working hours, but no matter what...always there where I could see him every time he woke up....and creep by him when he was asleep.

Ugh. They grow up.

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