Monday, January 18, 2010

Color Me Happy, There's a Fruit and Nut Sale on Saturday!

There's just something funny sounding about a "Fruit and Nut" tree sale. We have enough fruits and nuts in our family--who needs a tree? However, fellow blogger--I should say uber-blogger compared with the likes of me--Merriwether put me onto the Montgomery County Master Gardeners' fruit and nut plant sale this coming Saturday. Suddenly my enlarged garden has sprung into an orchard as well (in my mind...and in the long run). I was particularly interested in the blueberry varieties and ANY sort of protein I could introduce. I shared the list of things for sale with my father (co-garden conspirator and cheif hole-digger and tiller extraordinaire) and he's interested in peaches and citrus fruits.

If you have grandiose visions of pecan orchards and sustaining yourself on your own home-grown foods, here's a good place to start:

If you can't make it this Saturday (the 23rd), don't worry it'll happen again a couple times a year.

In other news, SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!! I'll be quite honest, it's been an undisclosed number of years since I was in college. Going back seems ridiculously daunting. I have a faint memory of my college classes and the "older" students (like I am now) were always really on top of things. I admit to clinging to this stereotype just a little bit. I'm just having one little problem.

I am interested in EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. Especially if it's in a book. This bodes well for all the info contained in my textbooks, but there's a pile I refer to as the mountain that consists of OTHER books that are equally interesting. Therein lies the problem. Herbal medicine, the production and use of essential oils, World War II, Preparedness (for lack of a better I'm not a survival nut per se), Francis Schaeffer books (he's a Christian writer on various topics), fiction, nonfiction, you name it. I even admit to reading shampoo bottles (hair gel, hair spray, and anything with contents) in the shower or anywhere else. I do that mostly to remind myself of chemical nomenclature, but nevertheless it's more info. I also keep up with several blogs...etc. etc.

And then there are the kids, my "job," my physical goals, and all those things that seem like plates spinning precariously in the air.

Don't get me wrong. The garden and school have really served to rejuvenate my other responsibilities...I'm just sort of worried about my old brain and whether I have that ability to cram all that info into it and recall it when someone else wants me to instead of when I want me to. We'll see after tomorrow. Tuesdays will be marathon days and the true test of whether or not I can fall back into the routine as a college student!

Wish me luck!


  1. Cool, hopefully we can meet up! Miniwether and I will probably get there some time around 9:30am.

  2. I told Squib we'd be taking his wagon. His reply was: "So there will be rides??!!!"

    Hope to C U there. I'll be the short girl with the levitating four-year-old.