Friday, January 22, 2010

We Lost a BIG Tree!!!!

Lest you think we sit around twiddling our thumbs with no entertainment around here, I thought I'd show you our latest bit of excitement. "The tree" has occupied all our free time (as though we have copious amounts of it) for the last week. It came down last weekend with a terrifying CA-WHUMPH! The house, she DID tremble and shake.

After measuring the footprint of the disaster and determining the fact that it would have demolished a good portion of our roof and who knows what else--well I know what kids are in that corner of the house--we're very happy that it landed in the empty spot next to the house that used to be a pond (a whole other story).

For perspective, that's my dad standing next to the trunk of the tree. Not a shabby little pine tree. He's 5'11". We had some local guys saw it up into pieces for us and dad has been using chains and his little pick-up to drag the pieces of the trunk up to his "new" fire ring. OK, so there are several fire rings. We, uh, like fire around here...
Here's the stump...we've been talking about dendrochronology...that's dead-ro-nology for those of you who are trying to figure out what my youngest is talking about. Yes, he has speech issues, but no, it doesn't slow him down. That's my Bic pen...we were using it to mark the rings.
Surveying "the damage." That's what Squib actually calls it now. He even says it with a little growl...the damaaaaggggeeee!!!!!! This is outdoor heaven.

A sawdust, bark, and mud war ensues and we are all forced to strip before we can enter the house. Sorry, no pictures of THAT!


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