Monday, July 27, 2009

Some Days Just Stink

Compared to some, actually to most, my day has been one big frolic in a field of bluebonnets. Sure, I was woken up early and driven crazy. I spent most of the day exasperated and was ready to quit my job several times before noon. Then all the fam started rolling in with their disastrous stories of not being able to spend enough money (gee, what suffering) due to limits on various banking cards. Yes, this is generally my area, but today I just couldn't sympathize with their grousing over having to write a check instead of being able to use their debit card (no, we don't get charged differently). Not today. Today I just couldn't seem to care about such a minor thing. They all got what they wanted.

But a small town I grew up in...some one had a day that litterally came from hell. The "M" family has known us Scats for some time. Their daughter "S" is one year younger than I and their son, "A" is one year younger than attrition. He and attrition were pretty tight for a few years. M's world shattered into pieces last week with the death of his wife "C." Now A and his two sons spent the day preparing for and having the first of two memorial services for C. She was a singular individual. A devout Christian, she worked for a battered children and women's shelter. She also was an outspoken advocate for the shelter. I did not know her well, but most who did remarked that ALL knew her to be first and foremost a follower of Christ. Her care was for the lost, the battered, and for her friends and family.

This puts any petty little thought of suffering or trials I have had for some time now to shame. And even I tell God that while I know he gives and he takes away...I need to see that His name is blessed in this somehow. I know it will be, but after all, I am a child and the request escapes my mouth before I can think.

A was a friend of Attrition's. Attrition is shattered and I have no basis for comfort except to say that this world is not our home. Satan has been given reign here only for a short time. And THEN the God of ALL creation will return and EVERYTHING will be as it SHOULD be.

As a Christian, I should feel a little out of place here. I just don't belong in a fallen world except to complete the tasks given to me by my Father. But, quite frankly, after today I am ready to go home.

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