Monday, July 27, 2009

There's Hope In Them Thar Hills!

Attrition and I have been slaving together all week to resurrect an ailing workstation and network/VPN, etc. Why it has taken two people an entire week perhaps exceeds the scope of this blog...more likely it exceeds the patience of this blogger. So, we finished our "work" at about 7pm last night and decided to proceed into Radiator Springs for a burger. We went to "The Hop." Don't knock it, it's all we've got in the way of fast food and cherry Dr. Peppers (which is why we were there). And, lo and behold, a discovery was made!!!!! In the last few weeks, the Hop has decided to start making you-know-what.....

.....YES! PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just couldn't resist. So, I got a small super cheese pizza and it was awesome....awesome for dinner an awesome again for brunch!!!!!

They don't really do it quickly and definitely not for delivery, but if you're having a craving, they're there to satisfy!

So, Merriweather, I guess if you're still looking for a retirement business you still have it as an option, but you'll have to compete, put them out of business, and or deliver.....I still think you'd have a niche here and, of course, my shameless free advertising.

Pizza'd Up!

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