Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just Stop It, Already!!!


  [wur-ee, wuhr-ee]  to torment oneself with cares, anxieties, etc. troubles; plagues.

I never do this. Nope. Never. At all. I mean never ever never would I over concern myself about anything at all.

In the spring of 2009, my ancient Thinkpad died in a spectacular and nauseating way. As a result--and since "we" had the money at the time--"we" bought my ASUS who I affectionately call Ella. Ella has lasted four years. She's not dead yet, but her battery won't charge, her mouse buttons don't work. She's got some issues with components that just stop working. A good restart sets her right, but you can't always convince her to do that. So...

I worried.

I don't do brain surgery or rocket science or rocket surgery. I just love to write and use my computer to do everything I do, practically, and I am without phone ever since my iPhone 4S's LCD decided to fade into a very comfortably numb place...

**sucking in my breath**

So, I was floored when my brother was sitting here next to me and just asked if I wanted a laptop. I thought *clunker, battered, limpie* but what I was handed is nicer than what anyone in our household has. That may not say much, but it means tons to me!!

I feel like I'm flying an SR-71 (probably not a relevant comparison to most people, but to me it's pretty darn slick)! I've even petted it several times because the slight scoring--decorative only--makes it feel neat.

It was just a momentary thought in my head, though! A concern I had last week about the fact my computer was giving up the ghost slowly and there wouldn't be anything to do about it! And I never gave it another thought. There wasn't a thought to give...

How much more so would he also with him freely give us all things? So just stop it already. The worry, that is.


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