Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And the sign says...

...long haired freaky people need not apply.

So, I cut my hair. Short haired freaky people are still getting in under the wire. Barely.

You would think that after a while the household in general wouldn't be surprise, shocked or amazed at the fact that on occasion I brandish my dull shears and prune my head. This is a rare occurrence, but it happens enough to make make me appear unstable or just plain crazy.

Of course, the shearing met with high complement from the elder family members. The shorter it gets, they happier they are. If we apply this rule over time from now to infinity, then I should just shave my head bald to make them as happy as they can be until they croak. Squib has a thing for my hair being pulled back and up into a top knot or bun or something like that. However, it took him two days to realize that I hadn't, in fact, just pulled it back for eternity...I had actually maimed a good french twist. Tragedy, I tell you.

Forget hair for a moment. I'm trying to remember a song. One I really, really like. I can remember the main strain that is part of the chorus and I'm working it over in my head, but I can't come up with a title or anything at all! I've tried to sing things into the musicID app on my iPhone, but that piece of junk doesn't know good singing from a hole in the ground. Right? Fronk...it's gone.

Migraine today. When I looked outside, I understood why. We were totally socked in. I drove through the migrainous fog. Soupy, hazy yuck muffins. I half expected to find Whitey dripping with gray slime when I exited the car. Do note: I turned the headlights OFF when I exited the car. And thank Frank I did. We managed to go a whole day without jumping a car. Between the mower, the van, and my truck, we have a circle jerk of car jumping going on.(the mower is a vehicle...rawr). A veritable gang..I'll stop. You see my point. Batteries are expensive and we are going to drain these suckers dry before we are forced to replace them.

I managed to escape without subbing. (HALLLELUJAH!!! **angels**) However, I had to get calculators counted out into boxes to give to the teachers giving tests today. Simple, right?


Short version is that we didn't have enough. So I stomped around chasing some we seem to be missing. After my tour of the campus (helpful, actually), I decided this was not the best use of my time. I accosted  one of our teachers who has some of these sacred items by intercepting his path from his off-period hidey hole on his way to his classroom. He probably thought I was the library mafia.

I ended up with packing boxes full of calculators heaped up on my desk and the COW (Computers On Wheels) next to me. So....

...I put a box on my head and lay it down on the only empty spot left and disappeared.

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