Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Patch Tuesday

Dearest Microsoft (you mother dusters),

I cannot tell you how lovely it is to wake up each time there is a new "important" batch of updates to find my laptop laying there like a dead thing. Cold. Unblinking. Not performing it's nightly tasks (for duck's sake). Not backing anything up. And, after downloading all your importance (infer what you will here), it restarts. That is to say, it shuts down. Forever. Never to do anything important ever ever ever ever ever on Tuesday night (mostly).

Dare we admit Patch Tuesday also shows up on Patch Wednesday and Patch Thursday, etc. so that no planning could ever truly work around this? Well there you have it. I just did. Should we also attempt to define "restart" versus "shut down?" You go to great lengths to use them separately and even to craft them into your GUI separately, so...

Basically, you can, will, and do take over all machines running your OS. Oh, yes, you ask if it's a good time to "restart" (read Shut Down). But I'd wager you ask when everyone except people in Japan is asleep. Goodness knows that's what I'm trying to do at two to three in the a.m.

So, bless your pea picking heart for taking the wellness and robust nature of my machines to heart. But please, for once, could you hold onto the updates until I click a button that says: "Yes, finally, I'm not downloading, plotting, calculating, etc. so now is a great time versus that time you wasted about six hours of work."


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