Sunday, April 14, 2013

Can You Come Here?

Really, it will only take a minute (or two...hours). I just have to have an extra pair of hands out here. Mom? Can you print out some more animals? Not dinosaurs. Real ones. I need those hands again. Mom, my tummy hurts. Can we lay down and watch a movie together? Your clothes are in the dryer. Can I just put them on grandma's bed and use the washer? Do you have other clothes to clean? It's time for dinner. We're having it over here to be all together. Mom, come see this thing I found on pebblego (A great website for kids!! Scat, have you gotten the finance stuff from DB? You need to do that. (Oh really???)

This  has been going on constantly for weeks as I try to assemble tax returns for Baba, my parents (for two years...oops...not my oops, so it's taking longer to fix it), our company (for possibly two years), the not for profit, and now extensions for all of the above in addition to those returns. Strangling information out of people has been like standing with two feet on their chests and taking their tongues and pulling with all my might. It's awkward, you land on your ass, and it's too wet and squishy.

So I've been digging around the houses in what I considered the usual places and then in what I considered the unusual places and managed to find all this crap. When I have it all organized around me on the bed (no table/desk big enough) it looks horrendous. Instead, right now it just looks like an episode of hoarders.
Internal Revenue Detritus
I do not like detritus. Ignore the blanket. The current minor tenant of my bed got too hot last night when he does that he starts kicking hard enough to power a boat you could ski behind. The bags also stay prepacked for school, music, etc. But, yeah, a small forest fire would take it all  I wanted all of that gone by tonight. Bwahahahahaha! Also, I wanted to be done before starting a new work week. Also also, I wanted to have next weekend free and clear to really hang out with the kidlets instead of writhing in the pain of financial analysis.

Fortunately, I think everyone would ALSO like to know how much they've spent recently. I've been kept busy enough that I've not kept the books as regularly as usual. Apparently that worries them more than anything. So! I'll start there and then with the overall books and the reports and extensions and a partridge in a pear tree...

I have yet to find a way to bribe myself for all of this.




A peaceful sleep knowing I've done my civic duty? Bahahahahahaha! Yeah. Taxes as civic duty. Just, no. As this last calendar tax year I'll be claimed as someone else's dependent (we think) that's just not gonna cut it either. Something more on the order of a digging-under-the-wire escape to see The Host would do. I loved that book. The idea mostly, but the book also, so the movie intrigues me. If someone can be bribed to drive us (assuming a "we" is going) to our fave pre-movie strawberry margarita joint, then all the better. They have food there, too, but why?

Whatever the heck the bribery is, it will not suffice if it entails being shacked up here with this computer. (Sorry, Emma. I've never had a laptop that's lasted as my primary laptop for four years. Ever. But still. We need a break, no?)

P.S. This does make me feel slightly better, so I've decided to take it over as mine M-F. Buddy bought it for hiking, but it sits idle otherwise. My big backpack is too big to carry around and the water option is nice. Really nice:
Mine! Alllll mine!!!!! Bwahahahhaa. Muahaahahaha. Blehehehhehehe!

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