Thursday, January 17, 2013

Which Would You Rather?

It's a goofy game played my gamers in forums Internet-wide. Which would you rather? 1,000 bees or 1,000 ants? I'd say ants because I could brush them off and squash them more easily. A knife or a fork? Pants or a shirt? Hair or fingernails? Any two oddly juxtaposed things you can imagine and usually they're way more interesting than I can come up with.

So, which would you rather? Lose a finger and know now or find out after two additional months whether or not your child has a brain tumor. Well, two of them. It isn't that cut and dried, but so far, my nerves are voting unanimously for the "lose a finger" option. I would take that terrible drive back down to Texas Children's Hospital, wait in the waiting room, donate the finger under a local, wait on Squib's doctor, and take my bloody stump with me tumor or no tumor.  Add the 1,000 ants and bees, a knife, pants, and my hair.

I really don't care what it is because I've been on this ride enough times before to tell you that the very next thing I want to do is get off of it before it starts going any faster. We're already going fast enough that I'm not able to hang on to all the things I normally carry. Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I do when that happens. Haven't used that this week? Can make do without it next week. *pi-chong!* Don't even recognize that. *doooing!* That is still making that noise. *eerrrrr!* This is edible. *put in backpack* This is trash. *sweep sweep* This could be trash. *sweep sweep* This would be better if we lost it. *sweep sweep* I don't even know what this is. *sweep sweep*

Laundry? Yes, have some. Are you ok? No. Are you fine? As in F.I.N.E? Then 0.75 of a yes. If you mean fine = ok, then no. Dinner? That's why we have a freezer and a microwave. "Want to eat out? I'm sure there's a Happy Meal toy collection that's still lacking pieces. Maybe. "I'm sorry, were you asleep?" I'm not sure why, but a lot of people ask me that. Not just Baba. Sleep. Hahahahahaa.

I just need to know, you know?

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