Sunday, December 23, 2012

Only In The Woods

Buddy texted me (texted??!? is that even a word?) the other night to let me know that he had picked up a prescription for me at the pharmacy. So I waltzed out the door to go to the Big Red House to get it from him. At five paces I realized I had a problem.

It. Was. Pitch. Black.

The cars were not in their usual places and we had a station set up not far from my front door to cut tile and cement board, so my mental map was discombobulated in the extreme. I knew the general layout of things but not all the disgarded bits of cement board, etc. And, stupidly, I was barefoot. That's usually not and issue unless these particular circumstances are in effect.

I didn't have a flashlight or my phone, so I was stuck waving my hands around like a lunatic. Even the lights in the Big Red House's kitchen were out. I could see squat. I swear it took ten minutes of hand-waving and patting around to find the porch and perhaps even ten more to find the door.

Yes, I need a flashlight. I have an LED one, but come on--the LED flashlights are crap. A maglite with a real bulb is the way to go. And after battering myself on cars, railings, etc. I thing everone is in agreement with me. Maybe Santa will gift me with one.


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