Friday, December 7, 2012

Evil In A Can

We do actually have a grocery store in town. It hasn't changed much in the thirty-seven years I've been in and out of this town. Same size. Same products. It did switch locations. It was a Boles, then a Food Basket, and is now a Brookshire Brothers. Needless to say, if you want to do some real shopping with reasonable prices you have to drive out of town to do it. When there's talk of Lion's Head and Chankonabe around here the folks at Brookshire's go glassy-eyed. They don't do bok choy. And puh-leeze don't get me started on the sake at Frank's.

Every time we take someone in to "town" for chemo or an infusion of something-or-other (Mimi is on remicade) we do our shopping then. Usually Buddy sticks with the regular list as instructed. Sometimes he tries to branch out since we have to work at putting pounds on the wee ones and Baba. But this? THIS??!? This is pure evil:

Evil in a can. Chocolate covered evil in a can.
He made sure to hand-deliver it to me right here at my desk which means it's in plain sight every time I sit down here (and that's often). It seems to be rooted to the spot. I really could take it and move it elsewhere--I tried, really I did--but it inevitably finds its way right back to my desk. He argued that it was "mostly nuts," I beg to differ. In point of fact, I absolutely hate almonds. It's well known fact around here. I'd never eat them unless they're bathed in chocolate. This stuff? Oh yeah, I'll eat it. Here's why:
All the things that don't look like almonds are chocolate. Seriously.
My only hope is that the snowflakes on the can mean that this is a sporadic, seasonal thing and after Christmas or so I'll no longer be in danger of random cans of chocolaty goodness wandering in my door.

Until then I'll have to run thirty laps around the universe to work this off.

P.S. I'm now thoroughly disgusted with this so-called dictionary. Yesterday it was pinky/pinkie. Now it's chocolatey/chocolaty. Chocolaty just looks weird to me. Soon u r gonna c me writin lik dis cuz i jus cant do dis any moar.

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