Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Short Version

The Office/Kitchen Part I are in the "garage" on the original slab. I like slabs. A lot. The Bedroom/Bathroom/Shower-Bath-To-Be are in the "shop" which is attached to the garage, but up on piers. Thus containeth the Mud Hut.


Only it's NOT attached. As in, I took a ruler and poked it out the back wall behind my bed tonight when I finally had it with all the fracking spiders and the sound of the air conditioner that sounded like it was right under my bed. Because it is. The walls are not attached to the floor. Say it twice. Roll it around in your mouth. Think about camping without a tent. Just two tarps that you can't connect to keep things out. FOR YEARS. Enjoy.

We already jacked up one small portion behind the toilet because...let's just say we saw daylight. That's where all the water was coming from when it rained. We think.

So, when I say I hear "something"....


As for the war on bugs, spiders, and other crawling, slitherty things. Come on in and eat me.

I officially hereby tender my resignation with regard to creature elimination responsibilities. I cannot exterminate the biosphere. Well, I could. I'd just end up in prison...where they have walls attached to the floor (that sounds...oh my...).


There will be vacuuming. On Mondays.


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