Friday, November 16, 2012

A Brisk Morning in Boise

That's where Amazon Local Deals thinks I am. Every time I log on to check my email there's a new Amazon Local Deal to be taken advantage of. In Boise. This morning it was a riding lesson for two. In Boise. Go figure.

Facebook thinks I'm in Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo. I had everything to do with that. That and my birthplace of Zurich, Switzerland. Believe me, it's no better telling them where I actually live because you only get so far down the state road until all satellites dump you off into the middle of nowhere.

I had to argue with a UPS driver once who was in full view of a well-mark road and swear on somebody's grave that the road actually did go somewhere. It wasn't on his GPS device, but it was there physically. So unless it appeared on his GPS he was NOT going down that road. Period.

All this is to say that I ordered something from Amazon a couple of days ago and UPS quickly shot me an email to say that the products are undeliverable as the address I possess is inaccessible.



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