Thursday, July 5, 2012


Squib has been pining for at least a year (maybe more...seems like more) for a dollhouse. At first he called it a "people house" and even though I knew what he was talking about, he still dragged me through the mall to a toy store and pointed straight at a Barbie Dream house and said, "Like that."

I broke out in hives. I thought I had safely navigated away from the pink, noxious, money grubbing hell that is the Barbie institution by having boy children. That sounds a tad strong, but you get my drift. Believe me, Lego has nothing on Barbie. Besides, You can buy random lots of Lego's on eBay by the pound and my kids think that's the perfect gift. Anyone who tells them differently will be shot, drawn, and quartered.

However, Squib can be persistent. So I was pondering building a people house with Buddy. Until...

My friend called and asked if I wanted her daughter's Barbie castle.

"Castle, you say?"


And it's simply fact that castles are better than houses. Duh. So, I went and got it and a hoard of other goodies that came with. Squib's birthday is coming up this month, so this was going to be his present...buuuuuut...I couldn't really hide it anywhere (you'll see why). So he got it today :)

There is some very serious castle business going on here. Squib is unavailable, emkay? And if you want to visit our castle, then you should beware. It is inhabited by several snakes, lizards, animals of various species, and one very large crocodile. Oh, and one very woolly mammoth. Apparently the dinosaurs will arrive tomorrow for a visit. Judging from the roaring and hissing emanating from the depths of the castle you'll need tight weave chain mail and a very large sword.

We looked up medieval castle anatomy here and have made plans for elaborating on our castle grounds. Maybe when my office grows bigger or when Squib has a room the size of a football field because this thing is huge!

Yay for imagination!

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