Monday, March 19, 2012

The Inglorious Return Of...Me

I know. I totally turned traitor and went over to WordPress where the world is widgety and GUI and nice. Kudos to the first Laundrette who can actually define nice apart from other, more meaningful words like kind, helpful, sweet, generous, and the like, because I certainly can't. Anywho. WordPress was a slice. Nice people or so I hear, but spookily silent. I kept trying to write there and it was always a little harder than it really needed to be. Certainly mostly user error.

Here's my list of all the very, very important details you missed while I was over there:

1. Everything grew. Hair, grass, kids, insurance premiums, you name it.
2. After years of searching, I finally found a hair stylist that I like along with a hair style. Years, I tell you!!!
3. Half of my left big toe nail is no longer attached to my toe. It doesn't hurt. It isn't, you know, fungal or anything. It's just weird. Are we surprised? No we are not.
4. My father and I are trying to kill each other (more on that later).
5. I'm older. In a seriously significant fashion (more on that later).
6. The Scat family trio became the Scat family duo. Boo cancer.
7. OSU beat OU. 3 lousy points. Bedlam, indeed.
8. Beanstalk continues to wage war against my nose. You know, just the presence of it. The intact-ness of it seems to be at odds with his existence.
9.Squib is just "sewious." "Vewy, vewy sewious." Go ahead. YOU keep a straight face.
10. Baba is fighting for her own independence. Again. Much like an adolescent. We lose her on occasion. So we did what anyone else would do. We armed her with money and a car (now I'm going straight to 'you-know-where').

It isn't as though I had nothing to say all this time. I did. I wrote a little while I was dabbling with WordPress. It just wasn't very "me" of me for a while. A long, long while. Even now I'm not certain that I'm back in any sort of saddle again. I'm pretty sure that the old saddle just doesn't exist anymore. I'm still quirky. Really odd stuff still happens to me on a daily basis. I still have my usual sarcasm and sense of humor, but when you lose someone who has been such a huge part of your life it's just fact that you're not the same as you once were.


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  1. Welcome back. I should probably return sometime, too.