Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Important Finger

I was getting ready on Mother's Day when this little incident occurred...

Me: Ow!
Squib: What happened?
Me: I burned my finger on my curling iron.

(Please don't ask why I was wrestling with that ancient thing and just go with it).

Squib: Which finger did you burn?

He was so interested at this point that he broke full contact with "Go, Diego, Go" to come and check this out. Level of importance = 10.

Me: This one. (I pointed to my ring finger).
Squib: Oh (relieved, his little chest deflated), that's not the important finger.

Wait, what?

The important finger?

I think I know which finger that is, but quite honestly I wasn't in the mood to have him share the "important finger" discovery at 7:15 on the morning of Mother's Day when I was quite obviously running late and not in a really good position to discuss whether or not five-year-old's should or should not be having "important fingers" at their ripe old age.

So...bad parenting moment #3,462. Shoot me.

And note to self: at some point get back to "the important finger."

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