Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am In Computer Hell

I have been there since January. Or is it I have been here since January? It's definitely here. Yes "here." I have learned more about networking, programming, and various and sundry software packages in the last two months than I have accumulated in a lifetime of knowledge, so yeah, that's good. What isn't so good is that this is like learning to speak for the first time or walk without ever having spoken or used my legs...ever. I've always done things computer-wise a certain way. So I'm unlearning everything and relearning it while using what I've learned (and some of what I already knew)...and right about now this is starting to sound as confusing as it really is.

Blogging was/is a hobby that quickly fell by the wayside not because I didn't want to do it, but in large part because it involves--and I'm chuckling while I write this--more time on a computer. EVERYTHING involves more time on a computer. And if I can neglect a computerized task, well then, I will.

Then there are other things like the fact that the new whammy-dyne printer acquired for Taplin, Corp. doesn't want to cooperate with Windows 7 and the server keeps appearing and disappearing from the network on a whim that also keep me busy now and again (mostly again).

So...update on the chitlins:

Beanstalk managed to go from June to March without a broken bone! Yay! Then he stopped walking altogether and a slight stress fracture was discovered. He most likely grew too fast for his slight bone structure and his tendons...just...broke...his tibia. Yeah. I'm considering changing his blog name to "Stretch" but it really isn't that funny. More like baffling. He is talking a LOT. And this is very, very good. It comes in fits and starts, but he'll go from "Yeeeeeeees." and "Nooooooo." to "I want to watch Cars, please and thank you!" So...it's all in there so-to-speak, which is, well, more yay!

On the short end of the stick (that was a kid comparison joke b/c Squib is the anti-Beanstalk heightwise), Squib is turning into a spelling and counting monster. He made it to 144 on his own the other day (by choice, I might add) and then literally got so stressed out about the next number that I had to force him to quit counting things and watch Thomas the Tank Engine. There are plenty of other things to do on his iPod OTHER than type out numbers and words and things, but no, that's what he'd rather do. I'm happy about that, yes. But the stress....aieeesh! He is five. It is not time to worry that you can't exactly get to 145 yet I don't think. Or that on occasion you get the two months that start with "a" reversed...considering you learned them last week and can spell them both without error. I mean, really...go throw something from here to there or tear something apart to see the insides already! He is also very interested in taking photographs and in being photographed which is what finally pushed me toward purchasing the iPod. Here is some of our work from this week (Spring Break):

Since you don't get to see me much, here are two that Squib took of me:

Here's one of Squib that I took. He has inhabited a box in my office that was vacated by a new file cabinet. If you have never given your child a large box or have never had a large box to play in yourself, then GET ONE! I do not care how old you are...you must need a bus, or a spaceship, or a time warp machine, or some other such large thing that is imagination-powered!! So:

Here we are goofing around today watching a movie and playing with his iPod and my iPhone:

We are not advertising for Dr.Pepper, but if they want to cut us a check we'll gladly take it (as if they don't owe the family a bit after all these years). A note on the photos, we use the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps for iPhone/iPod (I think they are for iPad as well...but, alas, I am still iPadless--there a parting shot for Apple as well).


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  1. Love the pics...the one in the box is great. I once in awhile give my kiddos the camera...it is neat to see them take things at their level... you can almost see their perspective.