Monday, January 17, 2011

Definitely Amongst The Living

I have not posted since December 20th. Weird, I know.

I can't even really say that I have something to show for the passage of that month of time other than a few accomplishments here at home and work. Most of what I thought I'd taken care of got itself undone with a single phone call placed to me on Saturday when I was unavailable and of course cannot return and fix until tomorrow which is too late because of the MLK day holiday...blah blah blah. It just sort of got sucked away. Two months of driving around filling out paperwork and someone lobs a non-returnable phone call into your voice mail when they know it's too late, but says if you call them BEFORE the day they say you can call them...well, then, yes...they could do something about it then.

Wait, what?


As for the rest of my "free time" what happened was this...the work was finally done to complete the new office. That work included extra space in the back for a small apartment, so....

...for the first time since...

...geez I really don't know...

I've been sleeping in a real, honest-to-God bed!

No futon. No sofa. I can almost feel my ass again. I really thought I'd lost it. Problem is that any time I get near the thing I'm sucked in. An overwhelming sleep vortex claims me within five feet of approaching it regardless of whether I'm vertical and, say, folding laundry, or on the other side of the door. Perhaps it's just the knowledge that it's there. Psychosomatic. Yeah. Probably that. That and things are catching up with me...I do have a birthday coming up, but don't we all?

Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.



  1. Ha. Yeah. Still breathing, but shallowly...and somewhat underwater ;)