Saturday, August 7, 2010

Proof That I Shouldn't Ever Speak Again (and Laurie Berkner)

Truly. This happened just this morning.

Other Person: So, did you get everything all settled?

Me: Yes, I'm all screwed away.

**hand smacks forehead**
(Squared! I'm all SQUARED away!)

Where were we? Ah yes, Seal. But I don't want to finish that today. Instead, I was thinking about the boys today and what fun we have with our music. Beanstalk is a musical connoisseur at eight. He, too, listens to a wide variety of music but comes down hard on the side of classical music and opera. Yes, opera. I can fend for myself in the classical music arena, but unless the opera spilled over into the dance world and I experienced it there, well then, I'm at best a noob. So I shall not go there. I will hit classical at later dates. We do agree on any manner of instrumental music, Sting, Norah Jones, Sarah Brightman, Steve Miller, Steven Stills (love Stills Alone), Dave Matthews, and a handful of others, but he is a purist at heart. If you need to discipline the child, just put his Andre Rieu on Strauss video on top of the fridge. Disaster!

Squib listens to whatever I listen to, but he's starting to show preferences himself. His preference is distinctly slanted in a single direction...Laurie Berkner (who is sometimes The Laurie Berkner Band). Fortunately both little guys worship her equally and at the same time. I've mentioned her in a previous entry because it amazes me that at 38 I like her, too! She has a lot of work out there, but the three albums we listen to the most are (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) Victor Vito, Buzz Buzz, and Rocketship Run. I don't own Whaddya Think of That, but have heard several of the songs ad nauseum on noggin...and they are every bit as good as the rest. Wait, those are in order!!! By date of publication--go me! Her music is wordy and complex enough to entertain an adult, but catchy enough that any child listens, learns, and repeats. It's also impossible--seriously--to listen to her music and not get happy. Our favorites are as follows:

1. "Victor Vito" from the album of the same name. Beanstalk's first fave.
2. "Moon Moon Moon" from Victor Vito (the favored bedtime song of Squib...yes I have sung it every night for three years now.
3. "I Really Love to Dance" from Buzz Buzz
4. "Pig on Her Head" from Buzz Buzz (which inevitably got changed to "Mommy's got a pig on her head...and she keeps it there all day." instead of "Laurie's got a pig on her head...").
5. "Mouse in My Toolbox" from Rocketship Run.
6. "Candy Cane Jane" from Rocketship Run.
7. "Pigbasket" from Rocketship Run (it took me forEVER to learn all those words)!
8. "Five Days Old" from Rocketship Run
9. "Winter Lullaby" from Rocketship Run (this is what Squib is asking for when he says "Momma, sing me a baby song).
10. "Nona" from Rocketship Run (another "baby song" according to Squib).
11. And finally my all-time favorite: "Walk Along the River" from Rocketship Run.

There are other favorites, but these are the special requests from the kids plus my one "most favoritists" to borrow a phrase.

If you want to hear before you buy, you can hear samples of these songs at iTunes before you purchase and download and that's just all I'm gonna give you on this one (I know...stingy blogger woman). They just really are that good.

You can see videos for "Bumblebee" and "I'm Gonna Catch You" here...but seriously if you have kids, they need music like this! It's fun, intelligent, full of many musical styles, some old songs but mostly original compositions by Berkner, and guaranteed happiness in a very small package. Also, for a while now, The Laurie Berkner Band is a featured artist at (Amazon August Artist)--so things are on sale. Sales are good for people!!

Laurie Berkner's official site is here. She posts all her lyrics here (thank God for large favors!). Laurie's musical nightlight is here and it's cool. My kids eat it up. They. Get. 2. C. Laurie. (junkies).


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