Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Is Short

And so is this entry...

Sometimes I don't have the wherewithal to get my collective moon over the mountain and today is one of those days. Ok, this week is one of those weeks. So, here is an artist I love for his voice...furry chocolate with a hint of sandpaper? Hard to verbal skills are exiting my left ear at an alarming rate. I will do him better service at a later date. So, without further adieu...some Seal. Not all of these are original to him, obviously, but I like his versions. I think I would prefer to hear them with a live band/orchestra/choir/whatever he's singing with at the time. It's over the top.

The first is "I Can't Stand the Rain," which he recorded on his Soul album. It's been recorded for a long time by many artists (too many to really get into in a limited time) and I have several versions that I like. This is one.

"Waiting For You" is another favorite from his Seal IV album and this version of it is OK, though, I have to say GO HEAR IT LIVE. Whole other ballgame, my friends. Whole other ballgame (which is usually true of the best artists IMO).

"Crazy" and "Future Love Paradise" were my first two favorites of his from Seal [1991] and that is where I will have to stop for the night because....well...Meh. Is. Tired. Of. Writing. I haven't seen that vid of "Crazy" in, well twenty years. I wonder what I was thinking back then?

You can read more about Seal here and get to his official website here.

And, no there were not any scorpions in my bed...last night.

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