Sunday, June 27, 2010


I did make this threat, after all, so I am making good. Things being what they are, Clanpaw has moved his base of working operations back into the house thus vacating the drafting table (which I use) and the large conference table. With Clanpaw back in the house, Buddy relocated back to the house as well. So, Baba lost turf in the dining room--ok, the entire dining room--and half the living room. Again. Not to mention the indoor office that she had hoped to regain in the building of the outdoor office. So, when we built the outdoor office, we all moved out here and she had a brief two years of joy during which the house looked like a house. No longer.

Suddenly, after I exited Squib's room (he finally got too old to be sharing a room with his female parent) and found myself sleeping nights on the sofa, I woke up one morning in the office so-to-speak (read: living room) with a real live meeting going on. That was the day that I made the threat to move into the office (the real one) and use it as my own apartment. Not just so I could sleep, but also so I could work and study without all the hollering. You see, not everyone likes to wear their hearing aids in the morning. I couldn't tell you why. Opinions differ. You can ask, but the answers vary. Long and short of it is ear device wearers just don't like to wear their devices and so, well, they don't. So...hollering. "One" could potentially go nuts if "one" was trying to figure things out and remember them at the same time. Or if they were sleeping at oh dog thirty.

So I unpacked my bed stuff from when I had my previous house eons ago and started moving in :). Not a word from anyone. Yet. Had a nap. A blessed uninterrupted period of--yes, count it--four hours!!! I had no intention of sleeping that long and I even had music and lights on, but I have NOT been sleeping and was very much almost in a coma and took a dirt nap. It was glorious. No one woke me for computer errors or "features", trouble setting the air conditioner (it too is, apparently, overly "computerized"), lost socks, lemonade, or other earth-shattering emergencies. The boys are at their dads' so all was quiet on those fronts as well. And, aside from the whole blogging thing, I've had several hours of unadulterated studying. And now for a couple hours of unadulterated Doctor Who watching...I missed a few from the first season.

Wondering if I could get away with paint?


  1. Public tv in Houston went from the final episode of David T. back to his second season! I want to see Matt Smith!

    Actually, what I want to see is new episodes with Christopher E-whatever but that isn't going to happen. :-(

    Oh, and bummer about your "office".

  2. The reruns ARE a bummer! I have the benefit of seeing the Matt Smith episodes on DVR when I'm at my brother's during the week. Not the biggest Matt Smith fan, but it is an evolution of the series with some interesting plot lines. I DID love Christopher E, though...and have compared the other new docs to him ever since.