Monday, June 14, 2010

It's time to put my money where my mouth is...

  There are two situations (not only two, but two that are in the forefront of my mind) that are really trying the extent of my faith in--well--God, the universe, and everything in it. The first has to do with my youngest son and getting circumstances arranged for his schooling in the fall and the second has to do with my own schooling in the upcoming year.

  The changes that will occur are enough to invoke stark, raving terror. Usually, I deal with this via avoidance, but I have been dealing with this via head-on confrontation as I should, but I am still getting nowhere. This is when my father would say "perhaps God is trying to tell you something." And I would reply, "and what if I am just not doing what I am supposed to be doing?" And then Dad is all, "Well you still have to try every possible thing you can think of and beat your head over a rock like it's what you need to do to get things accomplished, but in the end you trust God to carry you through it." And then I'm all, "Well, on occasion I'd like not to have to hold my brains in after the rock-bashing and get to enjoy the carry-me-through-it part just a little more."

'Cause, like, my brains are hanging out and leaking a bit on the floor here.

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