Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Funny Little Day

I took Clanpaw and Baba Scat to radiation today. Well, Clanpaw was having a radiation treatment. Baba believes it is her bound duty to drag her tired self around with us. We all know not to argue, so we don't and after only three days, she is already getting too tired for things like manners and tact toward even perfect strangers. Usually they benefit more from manners than we do so you can only imagine the fun and antics at home.

For whatever reason, they have decided the only reasonable place to eat is the hospital cafeteria (two enthusiastic thumbs down except for the gummy bears which are exquisite). The hospital cafeteria at lunch time is interesting because most of the tables are round or long and seat six or more and if there are only three of you, you end up sitting with people you don't know. Fostering community interaction or some such rot, perhaps. I think this secretly horrifies Baba and we try to insulate her from "the others" by sitting her between us and keeping the conversation between us as much as possible but I foiled that by commenting on someone else's back pack. Yes, yes I did. To be sure, the pack was a Swiss Army pack identical to mine with no distinguishing marks (like mine) and a white iPhone in the cell phone pouch (like mine). I did almost feel the compunction to pick up said pack and walk away. I continued conversing with the owner of said pack, Ira. Ira was a nice man waiting for his physical therapy appointment. After a brief chat, I finished my lunch and we got up to leave. Very minor interaction amongst humans.

We were still within reach (and definitely earshot) of Ira when Baba shouted, "Scat, I think he's in love!" Just dig a hole and bury me. She's gonna ride that horse into her grave.

Reminds me of when we had a 60th birthday party for her and she started every conversation with "Oh my God, how fat you are!!!"

After an eternity of waiting and driving about in circles, I had finally collected everyone from the far reaches of Spring proper and we were once again lake-bound. Baba decided to teach Squib how to play white-car-black-car. It went something like this.

Clanpaw: I see one black car!

Baba: One white car. One for us!

Squib: We have one!

Baba: Two, three, four...

Clanpaw: Two, three...

Squib: Clanpaw is losing.

Baba: Yes, he is.

Clanpaw: Four! We're tied!!!

Squib: Tied to what?
(he doesn't even know he's so funny)

And it went spiraling downhill from there...

Clanpaw is the only human alive who with play "tell me what else I did yesterday" with Squib. Yes, that's the name of the game and the rules all in one. Squib says, "tell me what I did yesterday!" You tell him one thing. He says, "tell me what else I did yesterday!" You tell him another thing (of course, you might be guessing or being obscure--like using breathing or respirating as an answer). He repeats ad nauseum as long as you humor him. Clanpaw has the heart of a 4-yr-old and thinks this game is fun and funny. They played this game for 45 minutes straight. Thankfully, we pulled into the Post Office about the time I was going to call the game in the interest of sanity.

Meanwhile, after leaving the house at 5:30am, Buddy and Mimi made it to Palladium hospital for some outpatient surgery only to have the van overheat on the way home. Buddy had to half-carry/half-drag a still slightly-shnockered Mimi into a Whataburger and get her "situated" while he tried to fix the vehicle in the parking lot. No joy. The cooling fans would not come on. Soooo....they let it cool down and made a run for the freeway. What a pleasant trip.

So, in short, every day this week we have taken a trip to radiation treatment and a car to the shop. E. Gads.

Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars. Dollars.
Dollars that we just don't have.

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