Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Noise?

I think white noise is more or less ambient. The sound the dishwasher, the air conditioning circulation fan, and the dryer make. They are all running right now. Lots of white. Green noise, I guess, might be the happy sounds of kids giggling and talking in whispers and imaginary voices with splashes of yellow and orange when cars crash and buildings tumble as they so inevitably do. My mother is an endless fount of red noise--criticism of Baba, she's on a tear about how we maintain the septic, she doesn't approve of using food after it's been frozen, and other low-but-not-so-low-I-can't-hear-them-three-rooms-away comments that I wish I didn't have to hear. Some of that is a swirling, churning multi-colored mass that creeps along the floor. Add the blood-red sound of gun shots erupting from the study behind me where Baba is watching a movie on her computer (no one has cottoned to the idea of headphones yet) and combine it with the dirt brown of added made-for-movie drama I hear leaking out with the sound of voices and music. Shades of blue drone full, rich, and mesmerizing from the master suite where Clanpaw listens to FoxNews online.

In my head, where I am trying to review obscure pieces of geometry and laws of exponents and rare vocabulary, the whole thing is quite a cacophony of color and sound and it's making me quite buggy.

So, I study when they are silent, which is never--or--when they are asleep.

This is not working out.



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