Monday, March 29, 2010

Sushi Can Be Dangerous

     I love sushi. LOVE it. So, of course I was eating it. And somewhere there in the middle of it, two-thirds of a tooth broke off in it. What a horrifying experience! And painful! I mean, geez, my tooth came off for crying out loud! In raw salmon! Which was, as usual, delicious by-the-way. 

     Now I am having dreams of waking up completely toothless before I hit 40. And don't feed me any of that cosmetic dentistry, there-are-bridges-and-dentures crap! I worked hard for these darn teeth! I wore braces from early 7th through the late 10th grades! I even had surgery to drag one out of the roof of my mouth. Headgear, rubber bands, and a freaking button in the roof of my mouth for months and months!! 

     God only knows how much money my parents spent on my mouth...

     And just to prove that this happened to me, it wasn't the top part that broke was the front part...split from top to bottom. Just plain weird. And the dentist will "work me in" in two days. That's my favorite part. No, no...the favorite part is that they can give me no ball park for the expense because "teeth just don't break that way." So...I am anticipating walking in with my checkbook and walking out with, you guessed it, nada. Someone remind me to gas up my car before I go so I can still drive home...


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