Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Creepy Freezer Section

I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday when I approached a completely dark freezer section. Normally, I don't even go to the freezer section, but I was doing the shopping for Attrition and Mystery. They drink things, buy toppings, and eat frozen stuff, so there I was. So the lights both in the freezers and above the aisle were out and since it was late evening, the whole place had a morgueish feeling. I am an authority on that feeling.

In the interest of conserving electricity, the lights are motion-activated. So, when you turn into the aisle, the lights above you come on. Not the whole aisle, just the block above you. When you approach a freezer, it's lights come on. If you pause to look or think, they go off. You have to kick or wave (which looks like spasmodic flailing) to be able to see the food again.
Needless to say, I found it very off-putting. My initial response was to get the heck out of there. I understand the reasoning, but I can't stand the feeling that someone is looking at me and playing with the light switch. Or, even worse, the feeling I get when I'm in a room USING a light, and someone just turns it out on me! This happens a lot...usually in my office in the middle of some long, drawn-out process. It interrupts my concentration and the culprit always says "Oh! Were you using that?"

No. I was sitting here working and hoping someone would come all the way over here to turn off the light and leave me in the dark.
"But your screen lights up."
True. However, the self-lighting paper, books, supplies, furniture...they're just not performing as expected.

Their fault I guess.


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