Saturday, February 13, 2010

You're Welcome

After several straight days of slogging about campus in wet shoes and jeans, I finally borrowed my brother's Alpine gear cover-all jacket (talk about POCKETS!) and bought some rubberized boots. This means that it probably won't rain a lick for the rest of the semester. You're welcome.

I rather like the rain unless I have to hike in a half-mile to my building in the red dirt and wind that sucks my umbrella inside out. After the umbrella bit it, I decided to get serious. Between the "new" jacket and the new boots, I stay dry and warm just walking about with the hood on.

I do look a bit like I just walked out of the forest from hunting wild game, but who cares?!

I'm over the worries about smashed hair (who cares--this is why God invented ponytails) and impractical but chic dressing (jeans and a tee suit me just fine). Yes, I do on occasion become envious of those girls/women who are impeccably groomed and dressed, but they're usually the types who could make a burlap sack look like the Queen's robes. I have never been in their league and it's beginning to bring me a lot of comfort and freedom.

Besides, I do have this passion for pockets.

The key to the pocket thing is putting things in the same place every time once you have figured out your system. I swear I could hide a human body in all the pockets that are in this jacket and for some strange and probably geekified reason, this intrigues me. It's like a challenge. Pens, pencils, eraser, calculator, iPhone (and ALL its paraphernalia), two bottles of water, my lunch, keys, my A&P quick reference book, the book I'm reading for leisure, an additional long-sleeved shirt for when they turn the heat off during my night class, my glasses, a small flashlight, money, wallet, and several other things can all be stored handily in the jacket pockets with room to spare. It's like my own personal survival kit. I love it. And it takes weight from my pack and distributes it around my torso where it's easier to carry.

I do not intend to surrender this jacket to its original owner any time soon. Sorry, Attrition.

Possession is nine-tenths of the law and all that rot...

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