Sunday, September 6, 2009

So Much for Objective Number One

No hiking took place this weekend.

None. Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

INSTEAD: Bronchitis/laryngitis and a strong recommendation that I "stop doing whatever you've been doing and take it easy." Oh, geez. That was easy the first day or so 'cause I was seriously tired from all the coughing. Now the only problem is the laryngitis part....guess I 'll have to circumvent my usual method of screaming at people and go straight to pummeling them with a stick.

La Fae and I are scheduled to complete objective one next Saturday providing of course that she and I are both healthy and that there are no tornadoes (os or oes?) or hurricanes . Rain we don't mind. Actually, a little rain makes it kinda nice. All that being I am.


Watching movie after movie. Playing games on my phone.

And....watching Indiana Jones and the Chrystal Skull for the first time. I tend to agree with Attrition's take on the whole movie: "Gay and/or Predictable."

*********FIXIN' TO RUIN THE WHOLE THING FOR YA****************

So if you're like me and are the last person on earth that hasn't seen this, don't read on unless you really want my opinion :)

Especially concerning the C-130 with the Russian hammer and sickle on in. Gay! (And we probably mean half-assed but in the middle of nowhere we still aren't up in a fluff about social appropriateness).

However, if you think of it with Sean Connery as Indiana Jones instead of Harrison Ford this thing might have been somewhat interesting. 'Cause this is one old Indiana Jones. Kate (Cate?) Blanchett is OK as the Russian dominatrix (an Indy staple) and OMG! Karen Allen (and her makeup which she doesn't need) show up to make the company complete.

Finally the thick plottens as we find that the greaser kid of Marian's (Karen Allen) is really Indy's son. Then we're off on a family vacation to capture the skull and beat the Russians to some town in Peru. There is a really gruesome attack by killer termites that reeks of the Scarab beetles in the Mummy movies, but these things are, like, bionic. Carrying whole live, kicking corpses into into their mounds. Fascinating. Wouldn't like to meet those on a bad day.

I did get a kick out of the whole waterfall thing (three...times..)...reminds me of a canoe trip down the Mountain Fork river that we took WITHOUT a map or guide. The only warning we had of rapids or waterfalls were the screams from the lead canoe (Buddy and Attrition). Mimi and I retained our no-turnover record, but only barely and we were seriously bailing water out of the canoe. I take that back. I was seriously bailing water out of the canoe.

Back to Indy. My favorite phrase, though, is derived from Indy movies "This is NOT good." Which they've said now too many times. It does actually seem like the movie lasted forever. Sorry, Internet, but it seems so. They achieve something, the bad guys show up. They get away. They achieve something, then the bad guys show up. They get away. They achieve something, then the bad guys get away. Somewhere in there comes my second favorite Indy quote "I've got a bad feeling about this." Which is also a favorite quote from Stars Wars.

Mmmmmm....and finally Indiana Jones flies down the hokey road with the obligatory typical alien(s) and the obligatory flying saucer. Marriage. AND raising their teenage boy.

Definitely a departure from the Indiana Jones staple. And today, well, me no likey. Parts yes, parts no, but on the whole......nope.

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  1. In fairness, that plane could have been an An-12, I may have been hasty.