Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In Which I Plan to Hike Forth and Attack the World

After months and months and months and months and months, I have finally found a partner in crime! Here in Radiator Springs, that is not easy to come by!!!! With a total population of 693 you run the risk of never finding a good match as far as partners in crime go.

Buddy volunteered, of course, and I would have taken him up on it, but that wouldn't really be vacating...it would be like taking everyone I see every day and every night standing up, moving one seat to the left and sitting down there in the new seat. No new conversation, no break from each other, no new partnership....just NOT what I was looking for.

So, enter La Fae. She is a person I thoroughly enjoy and I was so glad when she answered my inquiry with a "COOOOOOOL!!!!" That's the kind of answer you want. La Fae was a student of mine and I miss her terribly. We chat when we can, but I am looking forward to tackling our first objective this coming Saturday!!! Woo hoo! We have lots to catch up on and we need to get into shape. I've been working out and I'm not sure of her condition (or mine quite frankly), so we're starting out slow with the 5 mile hike from Double Lake to the Big Creek Scenic Area where we'll lunch while we wait for our shuttle to come pick us up.

We were discussing plans earlier and we both want to seriously attack the Big Thicket area over a three-day weekend. Four days would be better, but she's still in school and they rarely give four-day holidays.

The ultimate in hikes around here would be the Lone Star Trail. No matter where I look, some sources say 140 miles, others say 118 miles, and most stick around 128 miles. Well, La Fae and I want to do the whole thing.

Not in a single trip, obviously, but eventually we'd like to have hiked the entirety of the trail. And I suppose that's our ultimate goal....parts I would imagine we'll just go forth and do. Others, we may tackle in three day weekends.

So, Saturday it is, the first day Bramble and La Fae debut on the trails of Texas...there will be photos!!! Stay tuned! Question is, how shall we reward ourselves?????!!!!

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